Unveiling the most comprehensive digital package to transform your project from an idea to a concrete concept - and guess what?... It’s on us!
Scoping Meeting (valued at $300) - We’ll deep dive into your vision, truly understand your goals and grasp the entirety of your concept. An essential first step!
Wireframe Design (valued at $650) - See your ideas come to life with a basic structure, ensuring your project has a robust foundation.
Concept Design (valued at $1,700) - Level up from wireframes to an actual concept, with rich, dynamic designs that echo your vision to the tee.
Minimum Viable Product Report (valued at $350) - A valuable insight into the potential of your product, laying the groundwork for its development. Think of it as a glimpse into the heartbeat of your project, to see its potential.
10 Hours Senior Dev Time (valued at $1,200) - Our finest developers will dedicate hours to sculpt, refine, and perfect your idea, ensuring impeccable quality.
Handover Meeting (valued at $150) - This is where we show you all that we’ve done, ensuring you have everything you need and are 100% satisfied to take your project to the next level.
Total Package: $4,350
If you book with us today, you get an entire week’s worth of work, focusing on every aspect of your project’s development.... AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!
And the best part? There’s no obligation to commit or sign up with us.
It’s a no-strings-attached, no-obligation offer!
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